Generalist Palliative Care

Generalist Palliative Care refers palliative care services provided by non-palliative care specialists, for example: ward and clinic nurses, hospitalists, ICU physicians, unit social workers, case manaagers, chaplains, etc.   A Generalist Palliative Care Initiative within hospitals and other health care settings involves two components:

  • Systems change–establishing the necessary care standards and pathways, EMR templates, and quality improvement components to ensure that all patients wtih unmet palliative care needs are assessed and cared for
  • Education–attitude, knowledge, skill and behaviors of core palliative domains

It is a PCNOW goal to work to improve generalist level palliative services throughout Wisconsin health care settings through education and systems change.

Improving Generalist Palliative Care Guidebook

David Weissman
Tim Jessick
Andy McDonagh
Suzie Feuling

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