Submit a Fast Fact

We encourage anyone to write a Fast Fact. 

For adult related Fast Fact topics, contact Sean Marks MD at with your idea prior to writing a draft to ensure that the topic is appropriate for Fast Facts and not already in the pipeline. 

For pediatric related topics, contact Julie Childers MD at Julie Childers

What is the Fast Fact format?

Fast Facts are intended to be concise and practical. Generally they are limited to a single page (Arial 10pt type, single spaced), excluding references. This is approximately 550 words, not including references. Content summarized into bullets is encouraged in place of long text-only paragraphs.  There are no formal style specifications, but look at some recent Fast Facts for a sense of their style and format. 

What is a good topic for a Fast Fact?

Any topic which has to do with the supportive care of children or adults facing life-limiting diseases, or at the end of life. This can include pain and symptom management topics, disease specific topics (e.g. amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, congestive heart failure), prognostication, communication, decision-making, cultural and spiritual issues, ethics and public policy, location specific topics (e.g. hospices, nursing homes, intensive care units), as well as how caring for dying patients affects professionals and families.