Onset of Opioid Analgesia

When would you expect that a patient would experience the onset of analgesic effect after taking a dose of Morphine Sulphate Immediate Release tablets (MSIR)?

a.      5 – 10 minutes
b.   20 – 30 minutes
c.    45 – 60 minutes
d.   75 – 90 minutes

Answer: b.  

The onset of activity of all short-acting opioids is approximately 20-30 minutes.  Patients who report no analgesic benefit after 1 hour should not be told to “give it a while longer”, but instead, be dose escalated.  Another common error is the idea that opioids accumulate over time-patients are instructed to “give it a few days” before a change in dosage.  In fact, for patients with normal renal and hepatic function, continued dosing does not accumulate and thus there is no rationale to continue using an ineffective dose.

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