Fast Facts and Concepts

Welcome to the home of Palliative Care Fast Facts and Concepts—originally published by EPERC since 2000. Fast Facts are edited by Sean Marks, MD; Associate Professor of Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

  • Ronald Chow BMSc
  • Dmitry Kozhevnikov DO
  • Elizabeth Horn Prsic MD
  • Yara Moustafa MD, PhD1
  • Molly Kilpatrick MD2
  • Michael Schuh Pharm D3
  • Maisha Robinson MD, MS2,4
  • Alana Thomas MD
  • Jared Rubenstein MD
  • Jill Ann Jarrell MD, MPH
  • Lauren E. Sigler MD
  • Eva Reitschuler-Cross MD
  • Robert Arnold MD
  • Daniel E. Hall MD, MDiv
  • Antonio Corona MD
  • April Bigelow PhD, AGPCNP-BC
  • Ramy Sedhom MD1
  • Fumiko Chino MD1
  • Arjun Gupta MD1
  • Julia L. Frydman MD (1)
  • Elizabeth Pedowitz MD (1)
  • Elizabeth Lindenberger MD (1,2)
  • Ryan Morgan MD
  • Sandy Tun MD
  • Oliver Eng MD
  • Wesley Jones DO
  • Scott Junkins MD
  • Drew A Rosielle MD
  • Wesley Jones DO
  • Scott Junkins MD
  • Drew A Rosielle MD
  • Mythili Bharadwaj MD
  • Lee Ann Lau MD
  • Sean Marks MD
  • Muhammad Hamza Habib MD
  • Robert Arnold MD
  • Drew A Rosielle MD
  • Avani Prabhakar MD
  • Thomas J Smith MD
  • Amy A. Case MD(1)
  • Mellar Davis MD(2)
  • Ramy Sedhom MD1
  • Angela Samaan MD2
  • Arjun Gupta MD1
  • Kristin Hines MD
  • Hamid Shah MD
  • Sumi Misra MD, MPH
  • Carla Khalaf McStay MD
  • Gabrielle Langmann MD
  • Robert Arnold MD
  • Travis Rinderle DO
  • James Willett MD
  • Gregory Holden MA, BCC
  • Orlanda Mackie MD
  • Muhammad Hamza Habib MD
  • Robert Arnold MD
  • Muhammad Hamza Habib MD
  • Robert Arnold MD
  • Janet Ho MD MPH
  • Katie F Jones MSN APN
  • Zachary Sager MD
  • Sarah Wakeman MD
  • Jessica S. Merlin MD PhD
  • Muhammad Hamza Habib MD
  • Sean Marks MD
  • Shahzad Raza MD3
  • Jyoti Malhotra MD MPH1
  • Mellar P. Davis MD4

The Fifty Essential Fast Facts

The Essentials is a pdf containing all 50 Fast Facts organized by key domain e.g pain, non-pain symptoms, communication, prognosis, hospice, Palliative Care consultation, etc.

Core Curriculum

The most important Fast Facts grouped into palliative care domains (e.g. pain) or specialty domains (e.g. oncology).

CME Courses

Currently Unavailable

Eight CME courses available in conjunction with the Medical College of Wisconsin

Geriatric Fast Facts open_in_new

The Geriatrics division, Medical College of Wisconsin created a series of Geriatric-related Fast Facts which are separate from the Palliative Care Fast Fact series.

HPM EPA Curriculum save_alt

Fast Facts organized into a curriculum for Hospice and Palliative Medicine fellows and program directors by the 17 Entrustable Professional Activities.