Fast Facts and Concepts

Welcome to the home of Palliative Care Fast Facts and Concepts—originally published by EPERC since 2000. Fast Facts are edited by Sean Marks, MD; Associate Professor of Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

  • Michael V Certo MD
  • Robert M Arnold MD
  • Rebecca Omlor MD
  • Jo Cleveland MD
  • Justin Brooten MD
  • Erica Frechman PhD AGPCNP-BC
  • Jennifer Gabbard MD
  • Caroline Olvera MD
  • Jori E Fleisher MD MSCE FAAN
  • Neha M Kramer MD1
  • J. Janet Ho MD MPH
  • Katie Fitzgerald Jones MSN, APN
  • Jessica S. Merlin MD MBA PhD
  • Zachary Sager MD
  • Julie Childers MD MS
  • Christine Hudoba APRN1
  • Hannah L Kirsch MD2
  • Kasey L Malotte PharmD3
  • Neha M Kramer MD1
  • Apoorva L Mylavarapu BS
  • Cara L Siegel MD
  • Akanksha Sharma MD
  • Ryan Hilton BS
  • Micaela Hayes PharmD
  • Emma Somers MD
  • Justin Brooten MD
  • Jennifer Gabbard MD
  • Daniel C. McQuaid BS1
  • Andrea Roberts MD2,3
  • Simone Lescott MBBS1
  • Elizabeth Prsic MD1,4
  • Jesse Pollens-Voigt BS
  • Laura Taylor MD MSc
  • Adam Marks MD, MPH
  • Mark D Sims MD
  • John Hendrick MD
  • Gabrielle Langmann MD
  • Scott Maurer MD
  • Michelle Paek MD
  • Travis Rinderle DO
  • Rachel Resnick DO
  • David B. Bekelman MD, MPH
  • Richard Guthrie DO1
  • Christopher Piromalli DO2
  • Jeanna Ford DNP2
  • Daniela Wells MD
  • Yara Moustafa MD PhD
  • Adriana R Vasquez MD
  • Kimberly Tyler MD
  • Chad Glisch MD
  • Juan Pagan-Ferrer MD
  • April Zehm MD
  • Reed Nerness MD
  • Cara Levin MD
  • Kinsley Hubel MD
  • Michael V Certo MD
  • Robert M Arnold MD
  • Lindsey Ulin MD
  • Helen P. Knight MD
  • Andrew J. Lawton MD
  • Subha Ramani MBBS, MPH, PhD, FAMEE
  • Allison S. Vise MD
  • Rushil V. Patel MD
  • Dhruv R. Patel
  • Viraj R. Patel MPH

The Fifty Essential Fast Facts

The Essentials is a pdf containing all 50 Fast Facts organized by key domain e.g pain, non-pain symptoms, communication, prognosis, hospice, Palliative Care consultation, etc.

Core Curriculum

The most important Fast Facts grouped into palliative care domains (e.g. pain) or specialty domains (e.g. oncology).

CME Courses

Currently Unavailable

Eight CME courses available in conjunction with the Medical College of Wisconsin

Geriatric Fast Facts open_in_new

The Geriatrics division, Medical College of Wisconsin created a series of Geriatric-related Fast Facts which are separate from the Palliative Care Fast Fact series.

HPM EPA Curriculum save_alt

Fast Facts organized into a curriculum for Hospice and Palliative Medicine fellows and program directors by the 17 Entrustable Professional Activities.