New Fast Fact Released: #370 The Role of Cannabidiol (or CBD) in Palliative Care

Fast Fact #370 has been released: The Role of Cannabidiol (or CBD) in Palliative Care.

Thanks to the authors, April Christensen MD, M.S., and Jennifer Pruskowski, Pharm D for this great addition to the Fast Fact library.

CBD is a clinically active component which can be extracted from a marijuana or hemp plant. Recently there has been a lot of public interest about the current and potential role of CBD for treating a variety symptoms which are common in serious illness including pain, nausea, anxiety, and seizures. Some have even postulated in mass media whether CBD could be utilized to help address the opioid-misuse crisis plaguing the US. This Fast Fact reviews the best medical evidence on CBD to answer common questions that pertain to its medical use in palliative care patients.