New Fast Fact Released: #368 The Pre-Family Meeting Huddle

Fast Fact #368 has been released: The Pre-Family Meeting Huddle

Thanks to the authors, Mamta Bhatnagar MD, MS and Robert Arnold, MD for this new addition to the Fast Fact Library.

For all the palliative care clinicians out there, how many times have you either suggested or attended a pre-family meeting huddle? Yet, have you ever stopped to consider, “what’s the best way to run a pre-meeting huddle?” This Fast Fact provides some practical tips for a running a time-efficient and effective pre-meeting huddle so that goals of care meetings can go as smoothly as possible. For PCNOW members in search of more information on leading goals of care meetings, please see our Palliative Care Lecture Series created by Palliative Care leader Dr. David E Weissman.