New Fast Fact Released: #366 Recommending A Do Not Resuscitate Order for Patients With Advanced Illness

Fast Fact #366: Recommending A Do Not Resuscitate Order for Patient With Advanced Illness has been released.

Thanks to the authors, Drew Rosielle, MD and Aaron Goldish, DO, for this new addition to the Fast Fact Library.

Fast Facts and Concepts is publishing a two part series which offers suggested language and a framework on how to lead code status discussions. Part 1 addresses how to lead a routine code status discussion when you are just getting to know a patient during the initial encounter which most often happens during the time of admission to a hospital. Part 2 offers suggested language for how to recommend DNR orders when appropriate for patients that the clinician has a more established relationship with. For PCNOW members who are seeking more information on leading code status discussions, see the Palliative Care Lectures link under Resources. From there you will find 4 different Power Points on Palliative Care-related Communication topics: a) Breaking Bad News; b) Leading a Goals of Care Conference; C) DNR Discussions; D) Ethics.