New Fast Fact Released: #341 Bleeding is Hospice Care Settings

Fast Fact #341 has been released: Bleeding in Hospice Care Settings. Thank you to the authors Pamela Liao, MD, Candice Johnstone, MD, and Shayna E. Rich, MD, PhD for this new addition to the Fast Fact Library.

Have you ever cared for a hospice patient who wished to remain in his or her home or current care environment and was actively bleeding? Fast Fact #341 provides a concise, evidence-based management approach for a bleeding patient who wishes to avoid medical transfer away from their home or hospice care facility. For additional information on controlling other end-of-life symptoms in home or inpatient hospice facility care settings, see the Palliative Care Lectures devised by Dr. David E Weissman on the PCNOW website as well as Fast Facts #236, 251, 278, and 297.