New Fast Fact Released: #340 Skeletal Muscle Relaxants

Fast Fast #340 has been released: Skeletal Muscle Relaxants. Thank you to Brittany Hardek, PharmD and Jennifer Pruskowski, PharmD for this new addition to the Fast Fact library.  

A variety of different non-opioid adjuvants are commonly prescribed as analgesics or opioid sparing medications. Skeletal muscle relaxants are one type of non-opioid adjuvants that are commonly prescribed for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions including fibromyalgia, cancer related pain, chronic low back pain and multiple sclerosis. But what are the benefits of these medications are they worth the risks? This Fast Fact provides a concise summary of the best medical evidence on the pharmacology and role of skeletal muscle relaxants in managing pain in palliative care patients. For more information on the PCNOW website regarding other non-opioid adjuvants for pain, see Fast Facts #148 on the lidocaine patch; #187 on Antidepressants for neuropathic pain; #228 on tapentadol; #271 for anti-epileptics for neuropathic pain; #289 on pregabalin vs gabapentin; #290 on tramadol; and #302 on IV vs oral acetaminophen. Of note, in early 2018 we anticipate the release of a module accessible via the PCNOW website which will allow users to receive CME credit on this topic.